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For Universities
Benefit from a structured program which can provide cutting edge projects for your students
to work on as part of their course, while providing free access to IBM technology and industry
recognised accreditations to your students. Gain access to hundreds of free expert lectures in
topics ranging from A.I to Quantum, given by Subject Matter Experts with years of industry
experience, as well as industry mentorship for your students. Join a club of IXN universities
that are dedicated to sharing best practices to provide real industry experience to students,
that will help them obtain hands on client facing skills to prepare them for their career.

For Industries
An opportunity to access your very own ‘Skunk Works’ and collaborate with some of the most
skilled individuals in academia to create Proof of Concept applications, based on your
requirements. Developing ideas into real world applications is time consuming, costly and
laden with risk. Our academic teams will take your requirements, and build an application so
you can see your idea take shape in reality. All of this is at no cost to you.

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IXN CFP Portal Engine
Virtual Reality Meeting Environment
NHS IBM1 Python and Java Dialog in Minecraft
Financial Document Analyser
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Our partnership with the National Framework for IXNs empowers university students with the opportunity to build innovative,
open-source projects that solves real-world problems
IBM’s contribution to education
with IBM Industry Exchange Network (IBM IXN)
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This is an opportunity to work on cutting edge industry projects with IBM, gain access to
the latest in IBM technology and acquire industry recognised accreditations in A.I,
DataScience, Rapid Prototyping, Machine Learning and Design Thinking. Work with IBMers
who will mentor you throughout the project, and gain experience and network connections
that will benefit you throughout your career.
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